Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Woah so I haven't blogged in like over a month sorry! I've been busy! 

My favorite show came back on last night.... GOSSIP GIRL!!!! It came back with a bang! It had to considering they left off with Blair with the stupid prince Louis and not Chuck and that someone is preggers!!!! If you didn't watch it last night then you missed out!!! SPOILER! Blair is PREGNANT!!!! and it has to be Chucks baby!!!!! This makes me soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!
 I never thought I could love someone as much as I loved Pacey (Joshua Jackson in Dawson's Creek)

 Him and his partner Diane Kruger are my all time favorite couple ever! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and perfect together! They are just so pretty. I love love love them!

and Seth Cohen ( Adam Brody in the O.C.) Him and Summer (Rachel Bilson) are my favorite TV couple ever!!! They are so cute and quirky! just love them! ( they were real life couple for a while but not anymore!!)

 Rachel Bilson has a new show that comes on after Gossip girl!

 The Heart of Dixie. It is good! She is a doctor that moves from NYC to Alabama. ha its cute and just a fun show. Watch it! but Chuck Bass has done it!!! He is my favorite! I love him so much and I get so mad when him and Blair aren't together!!! They are meant to be!

I just love him. He is so sweet but at the same time a bad ass. PERFECTION!  This is one of my favorite shows. It really is good! Everyone should watch it!! 

I read the books back in the day and the show isn't really any thing like them. The first season has a lot of the same story lines but it hasn't really had any since then. The books are a great teen read though. 

In this season Nate is with ANOTHER older woman ( Elizabeth Hurley) The fashion is going to be amazing just like always!

 and Serena, Nate, and Chuck are all in LA. And all seem like they are growing up and very happy!

 (Chuck still loves Blair though he can't hide it!) Blair is in New York with Prince Louie and still engaged and also seems grown up.... not as much as the other ones though

Dont get me wrong I like Prince Louie but he just isn't right for Blair! and like I said before Blair is pregnant and the last person she slept with was.... CHUCK!!!! Blair is getting ready for her wedding but she keeps butting heads with Louie's mother ( she isn't Blair's biggest fan). Also Vanessa and Jenny aren't coming back this season which I'm not complaining about because I don't really care for them!

I can't wait to see what all happens this season it is starting out to be GOOD!

xoxo C
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