Thursday, August 11, 2011

be the person you wish to be

hello hello hello!
Things in my life and my friends life are changing big time!
I'll start with the little things I went to see a movie by myself yesterday. I went to see the help and I LOVED IT! It's not like I couldn't find anyone to go with me because I did but I have always wanted to go to the movies by myself which is very odd because if you know me you know I'm not very independent. but this is something that has always been on my bucket list. So i did it and LOVED IT! It was very liberating. ha back to the movie though. It too was amazing! One of the best books turned into a movie that I've ever seen. They stayed very close to the book actually I don't think they added anything. Which is good. But this was a very good experience and I will be seeing another movie by myself and I think everyone should too.
This tattoo is just awesome. Just a great reminder!!!

Next I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! In case you didn't know I have been working since December. I hate my job. I have wanted to go back to school this whole time but was just kind of nervous/ scared. Well me hating my job won me over!! So I'm back. I am going to Shelton and taking 4 classes. I'm still pretty nervous about failing but I think I can do it. I am aiming at making all A's. Which is something I have never done before in college. So lets hope for the best. Also I have decided to go back into education. I have changed my major like 100 times but I was the happiest in education because I am very good with kids. so yep I want to be a 1st grade teacher and work with the children that need me. Basically I want to work in the poor schools.

Next my friends... Tons of GREAT things are happening in my friends lives. Two of my best friends from high school are getting married this fall. Both of them are moving to Birmingham ( which sucks but I'm happy for them) Beth who is getting married in November just got a job as a High School Math teacher in Birmingham. She has already moved up there. She also has a blog which I think you should READ!! 
Kristy also got a job in Birmingham but is commuting until she gets married in December. We are actually going to try on bridesmaid dresses today! Lindsay one o my other best friends just got a job in Madison as a PE teacher. This is big for her she has been looking for a job and finally got one! She will be the best teacher!! I actually went to visit lindsay last weekend in Decatur! It was so much fun just getting to hangout with her. It sucks having your best friend live 3 hours away!!

Mary Catherine!!! She is going to Honduras next week! This is going to be such an amazing life changing experience and I am so very jealous!!! Mary also lives 2 hours away which also sucks!!! I miss my best friends!!! Jessica one of my other friends just went to Bermuda! I am so jealous of this and most of her life!! She has had a very eventful summer and has talked about it all on her blog that you should also READ
My other best friend from high school is PREGNANT!!!! which I am super pumped about! She got married last summer and how has a baby boy on the way! soo pretty much everyone in my life ( including me) have wonderful things happening in their lives. I am so very grateful for all my my friends and the people close to me. I really am very lucky!

I know this is a very random post ha but I usually don't like changes but I am so excited about what God is doing in my life and I cant wait to see how it all turns out! So be the person you wish to be by changing. No matter what!!

When I don't talk about a book I like to leave you with a song. My new favorite song ( probably along with everyone else) is Badmeetsevil Lighters. If you didn't know I LOVE EMINEM!! One of my dreams is to go see him in concert. Which I will do I don't care if I am 25 or 40.  I will see him!!! I have loved him since high school and I am glad he is finally getting the awards he deserves. ha

so I put the one with lyrics because if you are like me and Mary we like to learn the words to rap songs. ha but this one is pretty hard.
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