Thursday, May 23, 2013

my want list.

Hey summer. Glad spring decided not to show up this year and just go straight to friggin HOT!!! Not okay. and in case you didn't know work clothes and summer DO NOT MIX. It's only May and I don't think I can wear pants to work anymore. Looks like its dresses and skirts from here on out.

 There are a few things I need want to happen in the near future. Honestly none of these will probably happen but hey a girl can dream!These are in no certain order.


1) Go to a Braves Game- I have never been. Don't judge me.
2) Get RICH! -win the lottery or find out I have a trust fund.... either will work.
3) GO SHOPPING - Number 2 will have to happen for this to happen because I AM POOR!
4) Mary and Linda come to visit me.
5) us all take a trip somewhere for like a week. I miss these two so much and 2 days just isn't enough.
6) go to a music festival- preferably Lollapalooza or Coachella.
7) Go visit Joshua- in San Fran or Berlin.... where ever he is going next.
8) Lose 15 pounds. without dieting or having to work out. 
9) Be able to day drink and layout everyday. another reason why I am poor and need to lose 15 pounds.
10) go on a for real road trip and have no destination. Just drive.
11) Jessica Clayton to come visit me or me to visit her or meet in the middle. 
12) FOR ALL MY FRIENDS TO LIVE IN TUSCALOOSA. and for us all to live in the same neighborhood so we could always be together.... hahaha too much???
13) Own a coffee shop. with Kylee and it will be BAD ASS
14) take a cooking class
15) go back to the flora bama. I miss that place.
16) Whiskey River Band to become my friend so they can play for me on the reg.
17) Meet Mila or Emma because I KNOW they would like me if they ever met me.
18) stop getting old. I want to stay 25 FOREVER.
19) Stop having a hangover. This is another reason for number 18. If I stop getting older my hangovers will stay the same AND NOT GET WORSE!
20) for me and Jami to buy a house either on the lake or in town and have parties ALL THE TIME.
21) to move to a random place that is near a beach for like a year and work in like a bar or something and need random dirty people and be outside everyday. hahaha
22) Be Kylee's book agent. I think I would be perfect at this job. for many reasons one because I love books and kylee's books so I could sell her to ANYONE!
23) Plat on a co-ed softball or kickpin team. HINT HINT FRIENDS.
24) Become a hippie for like a month or so.

I am sure there are WAYYY more but this is all I could think of right now. So if any of y'all have any ideas on how I can make these things happen just let me know.


Friday, May 17, 2013


Veronica Mars... have you heard of her? If not you are missing out. My friend Kylee has been obsessing talking about this show for as long as I can remember but I have never even really heard of it. Well she finally talked me into watching it and I very quickly realized it was the best show. It now is one of my favorites up there with Gossip Girl, Ones Tree Hill, Party of Five, and Dawson's Creek.

Veronica Mars is about a teenage girl who's best friend, Lily, is murdered and her life is turned upside down. It is centered around Veronica, her dad, her new best friend Wallace, Duncan Cane ( Lily's brother, Veronica's ex Boyfriend and boyfriend again after Logan),  Weevil ( the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks), and Logan. There is no way to describe Logan but I'll try, He is Lily's ex boyfriend, Duncan's Best friend, Asshole, and Veronica's forever love, rich mean jerk but THE BEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WORLD. The first season revolves around Veronica and her dad ( who is now a Private Investigator)  solving small cases each week but in the long run they are trying to find out who killed Lily.

This is seriously one of the best shows I have ever watched. Kristen Bell is amazing and has such smart witty comments to almost everything. It is so sad that this show got canceled after 3 seasons BUT on the bright side there is a movie coming out NEXT SUMMER!!! I can not contain my excitement  The 3rd season ended kind of rough with no questions answered so I cant wait till the movie comes out and I finally get closure.

IF LOGAN AND VERONICA DON'T END UP TOGETHER I WILL BE PISSED. The show ended with them not together but they had a look. and in my mind they are still together. They are my favorite TV couple. Perfect for each other.

From what I have read on wetpaint along of the characters are coming back for the movie. Veronica, Her dad, Logan, Max, and Vinnie Van Lowe have all signed up to be in the movie. This show had so many awesome guest stars from Leighton Meester to Amanda Seyfried to Paul Rudd. SERIOUSLY BEST SHOW EVER.

Veronica hates change.... SO DO I. I don't accept it.

Best line in all of television.


Veronica and Lily

Best Veronica and Logan moments

Sway by the Perishers. 

hahaha you could say I'm a tiny bit of a fan. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013


My feelings for today....

Actually this is my feelings towards my hair most days.

I want my hair to look like hers... but it doesn't. Story of my life.

It is summer!!!! I hope to be on the lake either Saturday or Sunday.

All I can think about is food. especially tacos and margaritas

Tomorrow is Friday peeps! Which means WEEKEND!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone. Tonight is the season finale for 3 of my shows and I'm not okay with it. butttt AT LEAST IT'S THURSDAY!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yesterday I had a realization that I'm going to share with you guys. Friends, everyone has them and they are great. But my realization is that even if you have a bad or ehh day it can't be THAT bad because you have amazing great friends that love you. so Cheer up buttercup. Your friends are kick ass, so you are too. 

I think as you grow up the type of friends you want to have a be around changes. It is crazy to think about how much I have changed and how much my friend group has changed in the past two years. You start realizing you want people who build you up, make you laugh, and can have conversations with and you stop caring about what the negative friends thinks. You realize or I did that you would rather have a few GREAT friends then a lot of ehhh friends. Since college I stopped caring so much about what people thought of me and I have became friends with so many more great people since I let that go. 

I can honestly say that God has granted me with the best friend group a girl could ask for.We build each other up, give each other Happy's, and are always there for each other. Even in the middle of the day when you are having a panic attack and they stop everything they are doing to come home and watch veronica mars with you and let you drink a bottle of wine with NO JUDGEMENT! and ones that call me on my crap and tell me when I am being a complete NUT! haha if that doesn't say best friends I don't know what does. 

All of my friends are so very different but they are all amazing people in their own way. and I am so proud of all the accomplishments they have made. We all want the best for each other and we push each other to get that. I think that's one of my favorite things about my friends. They all make me a better person and God put them in my life for different reasons. which I'm so very thankful for. I love that I am still best friends with my friends from High school and college but I also LOVE all the new people God has randomly put in my life. It is crazy that people I have known for less than a year or were just kind of friends with in high school and college have became some of my best friends!! and now I couldn't   imagine my life without them.

I have loved growing up and learning from experiences and getting advice from people and doing the crazy thing and actually listening to it. and my favorite piece of advice about friendship came from my mom. She said "Casey you don't have to talk to your best friend everyday or every week, when people start growing up they get busy and life happens but the important thing is when you do talk to them NOTHING changes. You pick right up where you left off." I have tried my hardest to live by that with all of my friends. Some it's easy to talk to see every few days because they live here but others its harder because they live 2 hrs, 4 hrs, or half way across the U.S. But I can happily say that I am just as good or even better friends with them then when we all lived in the same place. YES, I HATE that they don't all live in Tuscaloosa with me ( that sure would be ideal.) but it just means I get to travel to see them! 

I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have my friends. They helped me get through the randomness mess of a year I've had and I am so grateful for everyone of them! I love them all and wouldn't trade any of them for anything!! soooo a big thanks to all my friends ( you know who you are because I like to let people know when they finally made it to best friend status) for being AWESOME!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


IF you don't read Moment in the Word Daily Devotional then you are truly missing out. It is something I try to read every morning when I get to work and let me tell you the past two days have been right on point. But click here to read today's verse. 

It was about Ephesians 2:10.  Saying that God created each and everyone one of us for a reason. He made us. Each one of us is a different masterpiece and we shouldn't have negative thoughts about ourselves. I know it's hard but we should try not to. God made each of us special in our own way and even though you might now have something someone else has or have insecurities about yourself we shouldn't because those things are what makes us different and special. And someday someone will love and cherish those things that you have negative about yourself. 

Sorry for the intense personal blog. and thanks for reading.


Here is a little song/preview of my FAVORITE show of the moment. Thank you Kylee Krebs for introducing me to Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

Happy May everyone!!!! 
This made me laugh. haha I love Justin Timberlake!!!

may day. haha makes me laugh every time!

 I might try this. Hey mum.

After a long month of April it is finally MAY!!! I feel like this year has already flown by. April was full of rain and I am so glad it is finally over and hopefully we left all the rain in April.

but April showers bring May flowers!

I have been struggling with this for a few weeks now and have been praying about it constantly. Yesterday I happened to look at this girls blog and found this picture! It immediately calmed me and I felt like God was listening and sent this message just for me. So I am trying to pass it on and I hope it helps someone else also!

Happy May everyone!!! I hope everyone has a blessed day full of happiness, fun, and love!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

John Mayer

Thursday night I went to the John Mayer concert and let me tell you he was wonderful. John Fucking Mayer I CAN'T STOP haha is such a good singer and guitarist. I love him. Some people weren't that happy with it because he didn't plat a few of his "number ones" like daughters and your body is a wonderland. And yes it would of been great to hear those songs but he is such a great entertainer that I didn't even mind him not playing those songs. and lets be honest he isn't bad to look at. Actually he's pretty hot. But he did play great songs and if you like John Mayer and not just his radio songs then you would of been completely happy with the performance. Click here for his set list.

I have now knocked off a few people I want to see in concert. Later this summer i'm going to Brad Paisley. I am sick that i wont be attending Phillip Phillips concert in Florence tomorrow. I love him so much!!! I have a long list but my top ones are Eric Church, Phillip Phillips, Kipp More, Justin Timberlake, Band of Horses, , the Lumineers, Eminem, and Jason Aldean!! ha Random I know.

Here are a few pictures from the night!!!
Me and Petey

It was such a fun night and I truly loved going!!! 

Tonight we are celebrating my friend, Kayla, because she passed her BAR exam!! 
So tonight we will have good food and GOOOOOD drinks!!
I also got a few highlights in my hair today.... If you know me you know this is weird because I NEVER go light I only go dark but I really like it!