Thursday, May 23, 2013

my want list.

Hey summer. Glad spring decided not to show up this year and just go straight to friggin HOT!!! Not okay. and in case you didn't know work clothes and summer DO NOT MIX. It's only May and I don't think I can wear pants to work anymore. Looks like its dresses and skirts from here on out.

 There are a few things I need want to happen in the near future. Honestly none of these will probably happen but hey a girl can dream!These are in no certain order.


1) Go to a Braves Game- I have never been. Don't judge me.
2) Get RICH! -win the lottery or find out I have a trust fund.... either will work.
3) GO SHOPPING - Number 2 will have to happen for this to happen because I AM POOR!
4) Mary and Linda come to visit me.
5) us all take a trip somewhere for like a week. I miss these two so much and 2 days just isn't enough.
6) go to a music festival- preferably Lollapalooza or Coachella.
7) Go visit Joshua- in San Fran or Berlin.... where ever he is going next.
8) Lose 15 pounds. without dieting or having to work out. 
9) Be able to day drink and layout everyday. another reason why I am poor and need to lose 15 pounds.
10) go on a for real road trip and have no destination. Just drive.
11) Jessica Clayton to come visit me or me to visit her or meet in the middle. 
12) FOR ALL MY FRIENDS TO LIVE IN TUSCALOOSA. and for us all to live in the same neighborhood so we could always be together.... hahaha too much???
13) Own a coffee shop. with Kylee and it will be BAD ASS
14) take a cooking class
15) go back to the flora bama. I miss that place.
16) Whiskey River Band to become my friend so they can play for me on the reg.
17) Meet Mila or Emma because I KNOW they would like me if they ever met me.
18) stop getting old. I want to stay 25 FOREVER.
19) Stop having a hangover. This is another reason for number 18. If I stop getting older my hangovers will stay the same AND NOT GET WORSE!
20) for me and Jami to buy a house either on the lake or in town and have parties ALL THE TIME.
21) to move to a random place that is near a beach for like a year and work in like a bar or something and need random dirty people and be outside everyday. hahaha
22) Be Kylee's book agent. I think I would be perfect at this job. for many reasons one because I love books and kylee's books so I could sell her to ANYONE!
23) Plat on a co-ed softball or kickpin team. HINT HINT FRIENDS.
24) Become a hippie for like a month or so.

I am sure there are WAYYY more but this is all I could think of right now. So if any of y'all have any ideas on how I can make these things happen just let me know.


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  1. the month of JUNE #11 IS HAPPENING!I'm MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!