Tuesday, April 30, 2013

John Mayer

Thursday night I went to the John Mayer concert and let me tell you he was wonderful. John Fucking Mayer I CAN'T STOP haha is such a good singer and guitarist. I love him. Some people weren't that happy with it because he didn't plat a few of his "number ones" like daughters and your body is a wonderland. And yes it would of been great to hear those songs but he is such a great entertainer that I didn't even mind him not playing those songs. and lets be honest he isn't bad to look at. Actually he's pretty hot. But he did play great songs and if you like John Mayer and not just his radio songs then you would of been completely happy with the performance. Click here for his set list.

I have now knocked off a few people I want to see in concert. Later this summer i'm going to Brad Paisley. I am sick that i wont be attending Phillip Phillips concert in Florence tomorrow. I love him so much!!! I have a long list but my top ones are Eric Church, Phillip Phillips, Kipp More, Justin Timberlake, Band of Horses, , the Lumineers, Eminem, and Jason Aldean!! ha Random I know.

Here are a few pictures from the night!!!
Me and Petey

It was such a fun night and I truly loved going!!! 

Tonight we are celebrating my friend, Kayla, because she passed her BAR exam!! 
So tonight we will have good food and GOOOOOD drinks!!
I also got a few highlights in my hair today.... If you know me you know this is weird because I NEVER go light I only go dark but I really like it! 

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  1. ahhhh SO jealous! And I can't WAIT to see those highlights! I've got an appointment next week and I'm thinking of Ombre-ing for the summer...thoughts?