Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

Earth day was yesterday and luckily I was off. I love Earth day for many reasons but one I feel like on this day everyone should HAVE to plant something or at least go outside and enjoy what God has given us. I have been celebrating this holiday since I was a sophomore in college... Well that's the first time I really remember doing something for it. My favorite Earth Day would have to be when me and Lindsay got flower seeds and planted ( unsuccessfully I might add) flowers all over the Kappa Sig front yard. Needless to say it was too dead out there for anything to grow but at least we tried.

Yesterday I planted some vegetables in mine and Jami's garden at our house. The people who lived there before us made this wonderful garden and all we have done thus far is cleaned it up a little. Well as of yesterday we are officially gardeners! I just hope they grow!!

What did y'all do on Earth day? Did y'all spend it outside?

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