Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

March has been such a BUSY month for my roommate and I. We have went to St. Louis ( stopped in Memphis there and back to visit our friend Sandy, Baby Hayden, and Chad), went to Nashville, and to the Beach! WOO!

We had a BLAST in St. Louis. I have never been but Jami has family there so she has been a few times. We stayed with her Aunt and cousins. We got to see her cousin dance, which she is AMAZING AT!! We also went to the Arch and went shopping! I loved it and NEED to go back!! We drove so on the way there and back we stayed the night in Memphis and visited Sandy! I could live in Memphis. Who wants to go with me?? 

Here are a few picture from that trip!
All the states we went through

Baby Hayden!!!
The arch/ Jami's cousin holding all of her awards/  movie night/ us in the Arch/ Our view

We went to Nashville to visit Kylee St. Patty's Day weekend. We. Had. A. Lot. Of. Fun.

One of my BEST friends since 9th Grade had her second baby this month! This is Kate!! She is perfect! I love her so much already!!

This is our one group picture from the beach... missing Kylee. We had such a good time. The trip was wayy too short and I wish I was still there!! OH AND DON'T DRINK A BUSHWACKER!!!! our friend Wes works at Flora-Bama and he told us each drink is 1000 calories! SO I REPEAT DON'T DRINK THEM!! 
Since my title is March Madness I will mention basketball... It is my favorite sport and I always do a bracket. this year I was being a true fan and put North Carolina going to the final four. Needless to say is screwed my bracket up BIG TIME!!! Also if you haven't seen the replay of the Louisville player that broke his leg YOU NEED TO! I feel for Kevin Ware so much but Thank goodness Duke FINALLY LOST! Click here to watch it!

As much fun as I had during all these activities I hope April isn't nearly as busy!! 

Happy APRIL Everyone!!

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