Monday, April 15, 2013


if you know me you know I love ALL award shows... including the MTV Movie Awards. Last night wasn't my favorite.... I mean it had no Ryan Gosling kissing Rachel McAdams ( my favorite MTV moment ever) .... but it wasn't too bad. The beginning was really good. The cast of Pitch Perfect sang and they happened to sing Eminem... AMAZING. but here are two people that I think do no wrong in fashion. Kerry Washington and Emma Stone. They ALWAYS look perfect and so fashionable. 

I secretly wish that Kerry Washington would marry Jamie Fox in real like and would be with Fitz on Scandal.

I can't wait for The Bling Ring to come out and see a wild side of Emma Watson!

Here is the Opening Number. I really loved it! Rebel Wilson is hilarious. 

and here everyone is the Catching Fire teaser trailer... enjoy.

Happy Monday everyone!! 

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  1. ahhh so excited about that Catching Fire trailer! And definitely agree about Kerry Washingotn, I love, love her look from last night! I can't believe I actually missed the show...I'm slacking!