Wednesday, August 3, 2011

you make me happy

Just a few things that make me happy. We all need that daily reminder sometimes....

 haha this made me laugh. Because its soo true. Books are always better. But it doesn't mean the movie was bad. 

I have a wonderful storybook. 

Like I said we all need a reminder. 

 This is how I feel when I get off work most Fridays. ha But change champagne to Margarita. 

 Pretty pretty books. I love old books. The way they smell , look, and feel. Just love them.

 I'm sure most girls have this fear but mine is extreme. I can tell you the last time I wore every dress in my closet and if it was a good or bad night. ha weird I KNOW!

One of my favorite songs.

 Love this wall I just love hearts. They make me happy.

My dream place to read... This would be amazing!!

This is another one of my favorite songs! Mexico by jump little children. love love love love love it!!!

Welp I hope you enjoyed this. anddd have a great day!!!!!

Keep on reading.

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