Friday, July 29, 2011

girl on fire

There is really no way I can put into words how good the hunger games are. There are 3 books: Hunger games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. All 3 equally different but equally GREAT!! I know I usually say how the book I read was one of my favorites and I’m going to say that again for this one. THIS WAS THE BEST SERIES!!!! I guess I say it because I get so passionate and caught up in the book it makes me forget about everything else I’ve read but it will be VERY HARD to beat this book. I read all 3 books in 4 days. The only reason it didn’t take 3 is because I couldn’t read Monday. I haven’t been able to put them down. I would get to a point where I could stop but then all I could think about is what happened to Petta! (He’s my favorite)  These books are AMAZING!

Back story

Katniss ( played by Jennifer Lawrence)  is a girl from district 12. She has a best friend named Gale and a sister named Prim. Prim is chosen to go into the Hunger games (a punishment for all 12 districts for trying to over throw the Capital many years ago. In the games 2 children from the age of 12 to 18 are picked one boy one girl to fight to the death in an arena with 22 other children). At this point Katniss steps in a goes into the games for her sister. This is where everything gets intense!!! If you are confused read the books I promise they are worth it.

Okay here I am going to just talk about things from the books I loved and didn’t so don’t read it if you haven’t read the books.

Petta I LOVE him. I love how he cares for Katniss and how not very many things surprise her and he always does. He is my favorite and it only makes me love him more by who’s playing him in the movies ( Josh Hutcherson ) It kills me in book 3 when the capitol has brainwashed him and he hates Katniss. Literally it’s so hard to read because you just love them so much and you are pulling for them. It is so sad when she thinks he sees her the way she sees herself has an unhappy person but like most books it all works out in the end.

In the first book Petta confesses his love for Katniss who has no idea. They had a meeting briefly when they were little and Petta saved Katniss life but they never spoke to each other until he got picked to go to the hunger games with her. Then he confessed his love and he swore to save her. To help her make it out alive for her to be the one winner. But this year there was 2 winners because they would rather die than have to kill the other one. I hate how Katniss doubts her love for Petta and says she was just playing a part. If you were reading the same book I was you could tell she wasn’t playing a part. She truly grew to love him. He made her a better person.

Gale ( played by Liam Hemsworth) is Katniss best friend. They secretly hunt together almost every day and sell food to the hob to keep their family alive. When Katniss goes away he takes care of her family. He secretly loves her and she loves him but she also love Petta. Both in different way and she’s not sure which one more until the end of book 3 when she finds out that one of Gales bombs kills her sister and she realizes she could never love him the same as she loves Petta. I wasn’t a fan of Gale until the last book. I don’t know what it is about him but I just didn’t think he was good for Katniss.

The districts rebel and try to take down the capital in the 2nd book Petta and Kitniss get put back in the games but not with children but with other winners. At the end this was all a way for the rebels to save Katniss and Petta so they could start war on the capital but the capital got Petta and brainwashed him to hate Katniss

Katniss sister prim dies. I am not a fan of the way they do it in the book. It’s like mass confusion and then all of a sudden she dies and Kitniss is in the hospital. They are trying to kill president snow and the rebels show up and snows men are there then she dies. You are very confused for a few pages. Comes to find out the rebels President kills the kids to make it look like Snow did it so his people would hate him more. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the book but there was something about the last one that I didn’t love as much as the others. I can’t put my finger on what it is. It might be because Gale who I didn’t really care for the first 2 books I actually started to think he could be with Katniss. But I loved Petta and he took my heart in the first on and I wanted him to be with Katniss. Or it could be how Petta wasn’t himself until the end of the 3rd book because of what the Capital did to him. Or it was just the fact that it was over and I was sad. I want books to go on forever and never end. Especially great ones like this one.

The Epilogue… I liked it really I did but I just wish she could of forgiven Gale.( so they could atleast be friends.) I know he did the one thing you can never forgive and he destroyed the one thing he had going for him which was protecting her family. But you really can never prove if his bomb killed Prim. But anyway Petta and Kitniss move back to district 12 and basically fall back in love (even though they never really fell out of love)

I left out a lot because I really want you to read it if you haven’t. There are a lot more wonderful characters that I didn’t even mention.

They are making it into a movie. It is set to come out next summer. If they stay true to this book at all then the movie will be wonderful!

Keep on reading!!!!

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