Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lets get rich

me oh my what I would do to be able to read all day every day. That would be the life. The only way I would ever be able to do this is if 1 I somehow got ridiculously rich 2 I married James Franco or Prince Harry. Obviously neither of these will happen so i can just dream....

The perfect nook to read in. Peaceful and outside.... Simply AMAZING. oh to be rich and be able to have a special place like this. Just for you.

The perfect bookmark. It wouldn't mess any of the pages up, you would never lose your place and they are so cute.

Another PERFECT place to read. hey At least I'm a BIG DREAMER!  I might never leave if I had this one. Just stay in there all day and all night.

Laying in the sun is the most perfect way to read. With a nice breeze and someone to lay on so your neck doesn't start hurting. ha Perfection


Dr. Seuss said it best.. read, REad, READ!!! 

I will one day have a library full of all my books with a ladder. and it will be amazing!!! Even if I'm not rich I will have this and it will be lovely.

I have never read this book but I really liked this quote so its on here.

I love to read and love everything about books. Me and one of my best friends Beth like the smell of old books. I love going into a library or book store and getting lost. That would be my ideal perfect day.... well after eating Mexican and drinking a Margarita and getting a new dress, then reading in the sun. That is my idea of a perfect day. I hope you all have a perfect day. And that once in a while you get it.... 

This post is named after one of my favorite artist Ingrid Michaelson and her song you and I. If you have never listened to it then I think you should. It describes my life almost perfectly and its a fun happy song. I just love it.

 I hope you liked my random post.... keep on reading

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  1. I know I already text you with most of my thoughts but I thought I would give you some love on the blog itself! love the song, love the quotes, and the perfect day you described is why we are friends! keep them coming!