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In case any of you have been living under a rock and didn't know that HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 came out Friday. It is the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise. It is based on the 7th book but they split it into 2 parts. Part one came out in November and Part 2 the weekend. I like many others went to Thursday midnight showing. And yes I had on my Harry Potter t-shirt and had a wand. Ha I'm a dork i know. The title of this is based on my favorite line from the movie and book.

 Back to the movie it was AMAZING!!! like ridiculously fantastic. It was by far the best movie yet! Now don't get me wrong I love love love the movies but the books are WAY better. I made the stupid mistake of recently reading the last HP book and so I was a little disappointed when they missed a few HUGE moments and added other things. But after griping about it for about an hour I got over it and realized how much I loved it. It really was the best movie yet.It had everything! You laughed, you got mad, it had action, and you cried.. Yes, I cried like a baby. Unlike part 1 This movie started off running and never slowed down. It was action after action after action. I loved it!!I cant wait to see it again! Here are some Harry Potter pictures....

Professor Mcgonagall Is a great in all the movies. She finally gets her moment in the sun in the final film. It is a great scene!!
This is the epilogue. Yes they did one. It was bitter sweet. But if they wouldn't of done it then I think there would of been alot of mad fans!

This is a part that's not in the book but I loved it. It is Harry and Voldemort fight scene. In the book its not much action just talking and but it the movie it is EVERYTHING! They are everywhere. 

The final battle where yes Voldemort dies.

Now this is Bellatrix and she is my FAVORITE!!!! I love love love her and all her evilness. I think she is amazing and I love when she was in the movies. She is Vordemorts biggest fan. And she gets killed by none other then Mrs. Wesley!! IT is great in the book and movie. 

This is when Harry decides he is going to go face Voldemort and dies.... Yes you will have to watch it to find out what happens....

This is Drako. He is the bad guy and you love to hate him. He has changed so much in all the books/movies. And in the last one he gets redemption. He does have a good heart.

Neville... He is a shy not so very good a magic until the final film and he is the HERO! I love him and have always loved him!! He is great!!

This is the whole cast at the London premier. They are so cute!!

This is Serius  Harry's god father. He is also another one of my favorites who gets killed by my all time favorite Bellatrix!!

This is Snape. I can't even do him justice by writing about him so watch it or read it but he is the best character.
This is Neville all grown up!! HE IS HOT!! 

Here is a list of my favorite books/ movies in order best to worst
1)Deathly Hallows Part 2
2) Prisoner of Azkaban
3) Deathly Hallows Part 1 
4)Half Blood-Prince
5)Order of the Phoenix
6) Goblet of Fire
7) Sorcerer's Stone
8) Chamber of Secrets

I hope you all enjoyed this and will go read/ watch the movies!
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