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one day....

Okay before I go on my rant I want to say this was one of the best well crafted books I have read in a long long time. It made me laugh and cry (really I cried) and you were mad at the characters and were overly happy for them when good things happened. I really liked the characters I thought they were original but I read some reviews on this books and other people thought they were whiney and self absorbed… but aren’t we all a little whiney and self absorbed. (Maybe not as much as these characters but that made me like them even more because they were real.)

Back story
Emma and Dexter or (Dex & Em, Em & Dex) met on July 15, 1988 in London, the day they graduated college. They spent the night tonight. You know they don’t have sex and they stayed up all night talking. This is when you realize that Dexter is an asshole that loves himself and knows how good looking he is. This book is focused around that day, July 15, every year. It tells what they are doing together or not, friends or not on this day every year. Which is a very unique cool concept that I love. Emma is really smart and witty but beautiful but she doesn’t know it. Dexter is cool, addictive, pretty and self centered. But together they are perfect. He makes her not depressed and worried about school and life and she makes him a good person. They love each other and it is the best t kind of love, they are best friends.
Emma and Dex when they first met.

Spoiler!! Don't read if you want to read the book and don't want me to spoil parts. Pick up at the end,

Dex & Em stay in touch after that night. He is off traveling and she is writing/ acting in a play. They write letters well she writes letters he writes one sentence post cards. They see each other whenever they can. Dexter is in love with Emma but will only admit it when he’s drunk because he doesn’t want to settle down and have a girlfriend. Emma loves Dexter but doesn’t think she is good enough and doesn’t think he feels the same. So they remain best friends. Dexter is on a telly show. Ha and he meets tons of women and sees/ sleeps with most of them. Well Emma being the best t friend she is getting to meet all these women. They have one weekend where they go on vacation and they both almost tell each other but of course they don’t. Then they get back and Emma meets someone and so does Dex (well one of his many.) They stay best friends even though Emma boyfriend doesn’t like it. By this point Dex has a slight drinking problem. Dex and his mom are very close but a weird close well she gets cancer and dies.
Dexter and his mom ( I LOVE HER!!!)

 This hits Dex very hard. He stops being friends with most of all his friends but Emma. He is very rude and mean to Emma and finally after one dinner they stop being friends. She just can’t handle him anymore. Emma and her boyfriend break up and she and Dexter don’t really talk to many years. Then he meets Sylvie. She is beautiful and nothing like anyone he’s ever met before. He falls in love with her but deep down he knows she’s not Emma. Him and Emma become I wouldn’t say best friends again but they talk randomly. Until one of their friends weddings and Emma is there and so is Dex. They go off to a maze and talk and say they are sorry for everything. You think Emma is finally going to tell him she loves him and he tells her he is engaged. WOW! I know not only engaged but going to be a FATHER! 
Dex and Sylvie

Well they stay best friends after this and he becomes a father to a baby girl. Well things go real bad real quick for Dex and Sylvie and she starts being really mean and sleeping with one of his best friends. They get a divorce. Then it shows Dexter coming to Paris to stay with Emma. Come to find out the finally had sex!! Like 15 years after they first met. Jeez that’s a lot of anticipation. Woah. Anyways when he gets there he thinks they will finally be Dex and Em, Em and Dex a couple he is finally ready and guess what?? She is seeing someone. GEEZ! BUT she decides she would rather give Dex a try! And they WORK! Duh. They stay together then the next year they move in together. They are obviously happy. Everyone knows it. The next year they get married and his little girl loves Emma too. Then the next year on July 15 when they are looking to buy a house Emma dies. Yep that’s exactly how the author writes it too. She gets hit by a car and dies. Insert tears of confusion here.  Well then it goes back and forth from their first days together when they met to the years after she dies. It gives you a play by play of what they did those 2 days when they first met. And how he survives from his wife love of his life best friend dying. Well first year he goes kind of crazy next year he is dating and the last year he takes the girl he is dating and his little girl to the place where he first met Emma. Him and his little girl climb the hill the climbed and he turns out to be a great father and happy.

Just random times in their friendship

Pick up here!

Okay are you confused? Literally this is how the book ends. I loved it! I was very confused and frustrated that after all that book she does and Dex ends up with someone else but hey you can’t help what life deals you. So that’s the book. It really is awesome!! Sorry if you don’t want to read it since I basically told you what happened. But I think you should because I left out A LOT!! I left out big stuff the only think I really told you is that they get together and Emma dies. So please read the book. It melts your heart and is a great love story! The author does a great job making you feel what they feel and he does a great job showing emotion. A lot during this book I was thinking in my head man I have felt this way. So PLEASE READ IT!!
But if you don’t it will be a movie. It’s coming out August 19l Anne Hathaway plays Emma. I know she wasn’t my first choice when I started reading this but by the end I can see her playing this part. I see her as Emma. And Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) pays Dexter. I can’t wait for the movie!! Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.
As always keep on reading!!

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