Thursday, October 27, 2011


in case you didn't know this I love history. I especially love things about the Holocaust. I know it was a tragic tragic event but something about it is so interesting. So when I stumbled across this book I knew I just had to read it. Sarah's Key.

 It is about a small girl who was Jewish and lived in Paris (not Germany) The Paris police came and got her family in the middle of the night. During all the chaos Sarah told her little brother to hide in the small hidden cupboard that locked and that she would be back to get them. As you know she didn't because she had to go to a camp. They took them to a coliseum type building and they stayed in awful conditions. Then they took them to a camp where they took the fathers first then the mothers. Every Father and mother that left that camp died. They left the children at the camp and that's where Sarah escaped. Then in flashes to now and this lady is told to write a story about how the French police made over 2000 people go to camps in France not Germany. As she is doing research she discovers that her family has something to do with the things that happened that night to all the Jews. The rest of the book is about Sarah's life after the camp and the lady's life and everyone in it. You will need to read the book to find out what else happens. It is a very moving story about love, lost, and finding yourself. It is really a great book and a pretty quick read. It also is a movie that is coming out next month. Needless to say I will be seeing that movie as soon as it comes out!! 

Keep on reading!!!! Let me know if there are any recommendations! 

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