Thursday, February 2, 2012

smile because it happened.

woah it has been so long since I have blogged. This post is going to be about life, friends, movies, and Kristen Bell.

life well it has been a rough few months for me but about 3 weeks ago I had a realization and I started reading a new devotional. I woke up one morning and realized how great God is and how bad alot of people have it and what I am going through is nothing compared to them. Today I was having one of those days and then I got a note from one of my dear friends Jessica and again it was like God telling me Casey you're life is GREAT! and he is right!! I am so blessed! so This post is dedicated to Mrs Jessica Clayton ( read her blog its AWESOME!) because I am so blessed to have such a great friend! 

If you are looking for a devotional to read please read GOD GIRL. It is amazing and it does a really good job relating verses from the bible to real life situations. It has really changed my outlook on life. It talks about how it starts out as simple things like being nice to everyday people. That hit me hard because I know I'm nice to my friends but I don't know if I am genuinely nice to random people. Well I am now! But everyone should read it!

I'm going to brag on myself right now. first off I did good in school this last semester and now I'm looking for jobs. I hope I have this one but I'm not sure yet. If I do get it then I will be moving in with my friend Jami! I am PRAYING I get it because I am so ready to move out!! If I do move out then I will be paying all of it by myself which is a first but something I am ready to do!!

I literally can't contain my excitement for a few upcoming events...
-The Oscars!! I have very very very high expectations for the fashion and I hope its even better!!
-The hunger games movie!! I just reread all the books and they were even more amazing then the first time!! 
They just released a new trailer and it is the best one yet!!

-The grammys I just love this awards show it might be my favorite! I just love everything about it. I hope my love eminem is there!!
-The vow it is going to be the typical girl movie but I'll be there with bells on so excited to see it! 

-SPRING BREAK! I am so excited about going on a girls trip ( which is just what I need!)
There are a few other movies that are coming out but I'll talk about them later!

This weekend I am going to Florence for stepsing! GO PHI MU!! I am so so so excited to see all of my friends!! I feel like it has been ages since I have seen them. It should be a very fun and interesting weekend!

Please tell me all of y'all have seen the Kristen bell video where she freaks out! It is my favorite at the moment! I can't stop laughing!

Well I think this is about it. I will try to blog more but keep on reading and remember BE HAPPY and SMILE!!

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