Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Margarita Day!!

Put it in the books February 22 is NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY!!!!

I was unaware of this wonderful holiday until earlier today. Someone tweeted it ( thank goodness) but now I can honestly say it is a day I will celebrate from here on out!
Margarita's are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! MY family gets Mexican every Friday night basically for the margaritas. So this holiday was right up our ally!
Tonight I made ( yes, me by myself) Chicken Enchilada Pasta and it was amazing!! Click here for the recipe

 We also made margaritas and watched American Idol. 
 Phillip Phillips is already my favorite from this season and He made it to the top 24! I can't wait till I can start voting for him!!

Little strawberry margarita jello shots. I will try these!

HAHA I love this!! Always look at the bright side!

Lastly here is a video of Phillip Phillips singing my favorite song!!!!! He is singing lollipop which is my favorite song then he goes into singing Eminem ( which is my favorite rapper evvaa!!) ! This song is another reason why he is my favorite!

I'm reading a new book I will blog about it soon. Keep on reading!!

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