Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Long time no blog but I'm back! Lots of things have changed in the last year and I am loving everything God is doing for me! Here is a little catch up.... Pictures at the end.

I moved out and now live with one of my best friends Jami
We live in a little 3 bedroom house that we love love love!!

I've had lots of friends get married this summer and having babies!! My friends Kortney and Jared had a beautiful wedding this summer! and Lots of my friends from Florence also! They were all WONDERFUL!

Then I was in one of my best friends Anna's wedding last month! It was beautiful and Mexican themed ( which I loved!)

Another one of my best friends had a baby last month! Hayden! He is perfect! We had a baby shower for her this summer and I got to meet his precious self last night!

Some of my other friends had beautiful weddings also!

I got a new job about 2 In a half moths ago! I am now a real estate managers I work with West Alabama Insured Titles and do real estate closings! I love every minute of it! Especially my boss Twila!

I have been a concert junkie lately! I have seen Luke Bryant, Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, the fray, gotye, Kipp Moore and my favorite whiskey river band ( I know they aren't a real band but I love them all the same)

And lastly our family just got home from a wonderful trip to the Bahamas! We stayed at Atlantis! It was a once in a lifetime trip and it was wonderful! We are so blessed to be able to spend a week together in such an amazing place!

This is Kortney who was a beautiful bride!!!
This is a picture of all the girls at Sandy's baby shower!!
Gotye. His concert was actually really really good!
This is my PERFECT room! I love everything about it! 
Kelly Clarkson. This concert took me back to high school and we danced and sang ALL NIGHT LONG!
This is on our mantle in our house. It is another thing we are OBSESSED with. We love our little bird cage!
This is me, Kayla, and Courtney at the Alan Jackson concert!
This is the Beautiful Anna on her wedding day! It was such a fun wedding! I was so Blessed to get to be a part of two people who love each other so much!
This was a view from our hotel! It was truly a beautiful place!  I loved every second of it!
This is precious baby Hayden who I am already so obsessed with! He does cry or anything just lets you hold him and smiles at you! love!!
If you know me you know I LOVE to cook so I had to put this picture of our kitchen right before we had a little dinner one night!
This is the one and only Jami... MY ROOMMATE! I love her oh so much!
These are two of my best friends! We got to have a friendship reunion in Nashville where Mary lives now! 
Me and my sister in Atlantis and our view from our room!
At Elizabeth's beautiful wedding this fall I got to see lots of my favorite people including these 3!! 
Me and my wonderful mom in Atlantis!! I love her so much!!

I just got "blogger" on my phone so I promise I will start blogging more now! I have read a few books recently and will post about them later in the week! 

Please everyone remember that God is wonderful and in control of everything and has blessed each and everyone of us in different ways! Even when things look bad if you look to him he will show you the light! Please keep reading! Love you all!

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