Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy nothings

Hello again! see I told you I would blog again soon! 
The title of my blog has to do with two things first happys, if you know me then you know I love happys and I LOVE getting my friends happys. I recently got Jami, sandy and myself a sweater koozie. ha They just looked so fun I couldn't resist. Second I recently read Perks of being a Wallflower and one of the main charters in the book was called Nothing, his real name Patrick but some of the mean kids came up with this nickname for him. The nickname has just stuck with me ever since and today I thought of the perfect way to use it. I just loved the title happy nothings because to me little nothings are what make me the happiest.

Things I love happys, our front door wreath, coffee and my coffee mug from Jami, and our little blessings Thanksgiving sign! 

Back to the book... I recommend everyone to read this book. It is written in a letter form where the main character, Charlie, is writing to someone who he calls "friend". We never know who this "friend" is but to me that is one of my favorite parts of the book because he is being brutally honest in his writing. But the book isn't your typical teenage love story it is very deep coming of age story about an awkward kid, no its not written about me, getting friends and learning to live his own life and experience thing. It gets very deep and you don't see what happens coming, which is great. I read the book because I saw the trailer for the movie and if you know me you know that I have to read the book before I see the movie. And well I recommend both of them. The movie has great acting and I love ALL the people they cast for the part.   


They really had such an amazing cast! I have always been a fan of Emma Watson ( She played Sam, one of the main characters), Nina Dobrev ( she was Candace, Charlie's sister), Paul Rudd ( he was Mr. Anderson, the teacher), and Mae Whitman ( was Mary Elizabeth, one of Charlie's friends) but Logan Lerman who was Charlie I had never seen before and I fell in love with him. He is very talented and I will be going to see more movies he is in. So go see the movie and read the book you wont regret it!

I have recently decided , as in today, to start couponing! I have never done it before but today I was bored at work and just looking around and I found two coupons for coffee. Coffee is so expensive but I AM ADDICTED! So I now have a $1.50 off and a $3.00 off Keurig coffee.GO ME!

My friend Kayla found this little gem on pinterest yesterday. It fits me to a T! I always go home and once I'm there if anyone asks me to do something I'll probably fib and say I'm busy because I already have my PJ's on and I'm watching one of my many shows! Sorry! oh and click on Kayla's name to go to her blog! It is one of my favorites!

I turn 25 in 6 days and I'm not ready to really put on my big girl panties. I am a child at heart and I never want to grow up!!!

Hope everyone loves my post and is having a great day and enjoying everything God has given us! Don't forget to thank him daily for all the wonderful things and people he puts in our lives! Let me know if you have any book recommendations. 

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