Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Margarita Day!!

Put it in the books February 22 is NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY!!!!

I was unaware of this wonderful holiday until earlier today. Someone tweeted it ( thank goodness) but now I can honestly say it is a day I will celebrate from here on out!
Margarita's are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! MY family gets Mexican every Friday night basically for the margaritas. So this holiday was right up our ally!
Tonight I made ( yes, me by myself) Chicken Enchilada Pasta and it was amazing!! Click here for the recipe

 We also made margaritas and watched American Idol. 
 Phillip Phillips is already my favorite from this season and He made it to the top 24! I can't wait till I can start voting for him!!

Little strawberry margarita jello shots. I will try these!

HAHA I love this!! Always look at the bright side!

Lastly here is a video of Phillip Phillips singing my favorite song!!!!! He is singing lollipop which is my favorite song then he goes into singing Eminem ( which is my favorite rapper evvaa!!) ! This song is another reason why he is my favorite!

I'm reading a new book I will blog about it soon. Keep on reading!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentines day!!!
In case I haven't made it known I LOVE LOVE! and deep down I believe that everyone finds their soul mate!! I hope everyone believes in love and that everyone had an amazing day whether they are with someone or not!! Love will happen for you when the time if right you have to believe that. until then your friends are your soul mates! Love them! Laugh with them and have the time of your LIFE!!!
Here are some random quotes and things that I LOVE!

What God wants to happen will happen so it is what it is.

Live your life people!!!

Don't ever hold back. If you love someone TELL THEM!!! 

Love to the fullest! That is truly the only way to love! 

Thank God daily. He is the reason we are here and the reason we find the people we do!

Today I got to spend this wonderful day of love with a few of my friends and family!! 



My wonderful family!!!

The best dog in the world!! RILEY!!!!

I wish I had a tree house/ reading house like this!! AMAZING!!


We are still young ACT LIKE IT!!!

This was the dessert I made tonight for my family!!

I hope you all had an amazing Valentines day!! I did! I spent it with friends and family drinking wine, eating and talking. Just having fun! and I told all my wonderful friends how much I love them and how blessed I am to have them in my life! I hope all of you did the same. Because that's all that really matters in life. Love. The big things wont matter later but love will always matter so love God, Love your family, love your friends and love everyone!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the big love day!

Well it seems all anyone has been talking about for weeks is Valentines day and weather or not they love it or hate it! Personally I LOVE IT! I guess I love it so much because I am a hopeless romantic and I love love. I'm a typical girl who runs from it but I do think everyone has their PERFECT guy out there their soul mate. As much as I love Valentines day I think you should do special things for the people you love and care about all through the year and not just on one special day. But to me there is something magical about valentines day. A day where everyone tells the people they love that they love them. That doesn't really happen that much that everyone does the same thing. This Valentines day I'm single ( and YES I STILL LOVE VALENTINES DAY) so i will probably hangout with my friends and drink wine and watch girl movies. One thing I don't like about this day is that people who are single seem to hate it. I think this is dumb just because you don't have a "boyfriend or Girlfriend" doesn't mean you aren't loved and shouldn't celebrate all the people you love and that love you. So I think everyone should make sure they tell someone they love them on Valentines day and try and do something spontaneous! I also think anything can happen on Valentines day. I'm done with my rant so here are 14 ( for Valentines Day being on the 14th ha) of my favorite movies to watch on Valentines day!!

1)Because I said so
One of my favorite movies of all times!! I can watch this OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

2) The Notebook
I mean really it can't be a day about love and you not watch this movie. It is one of the best love stories ever!

3) She's All That
People forget about this movie but it is one of the greats!! I love it!

4) Easy A
I love Emma Stone and 80's movies so this has a perfect combination of both!

5) Sixteen Candles
Like I said I LOVE 80's movies! The music the plot just everything! LOVE LOVE LOVE

6)It's Complicated
This movie gives you hope that even if you get divorced you can always find Mr. Right and its so funny!!

7) Something Borrowed
Both of these movies have John Krasinski. Enough said.

8) 10 Things I Hate About You
This is just a classic. and it has Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it.

9) A Walk to Remember
Another one of my favorites. Its just good!

10) Notting Hill
You have to have to watch at least one movie with Julia Roberts in it.

11) Crazy, Stupid, Love
This is one of my new all time favorite movies!! It is so funny AND it has Emma Stones and Ryan Gosling!!

12) P.S. I Love You
It gets me every time!!!

13)27 Dresses
Typical girl movie but everyone loves it.

14) Friends with Benefits
I don't know about every other girl but I know I want a  flashmob!!

I hope I didn't miss any of yalls favorites but these are mine!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

smile because it happened.

woah it has been so long since I have blogged. This post is going to be about life, friends, movies, and Kristen Bell.

life well it has been a rough few months for me but about 3 weeks ago I had a realization and I started reading a new devotional. I woke up one morning and realized how great God is and how bad alot of people have it and what I am going through is nothing compared to them. Today I was having one of those days and then I got a note from one of my dear friends Jessica and again it was like God telling me Casey you're life is GREAT! and he is right!! I am so blessed! so This post is dedicated to Mrs Jessica Clayton ( read her blog its AWESOME!) because I am so blessed to have such a great friend! 

If you are looking for a devotional to read please read GOD GIRL. It is amazing and it does a really good job relating verses from the bible to real life situations. It has really changed my outlook on life. It talks about how it starts out as simple things like being nice to everyday people. That hit me hard because I know I'm nice to my friends but I don't know if I am genuinely nice to random people. Well I am now! But everyone should read it!

I'm going to brag on myself right now. first off I did good in school this last semester and now I'm looking for jobs. I hope I have this one but I'm not sure yet. If I do get it then I will be moving in with my friend Jami! I am PRAYING I get it because I am so ready to move out!! If I do move out then I will be paying all of it by myself which is a first but something I am ready to do!!

I literally can't contain my excitement for a few upcoming events...
-The Oscars!! I have very very very high expectations for the fashion and I hope its even better!!
-The hunger games movie!! I just reread all the books and they were even more amazing then the first time!! 
They just released a new trailer and it is the best one yet!!

-The grammys I just love this awards show it might be my favorite! I just love everything about it. I hope my love eminem is there!!
-The vow it is going to be the typical girl movie but I'll be there with bells on so excited to see it! 

-SPRING BREAK! I am so excited about going on a girls trip ( which is just what I need!)
There are a few other movies that are coming out but I'll talk about them later!

This weekend I am going to Florence for stepsing! GO PHI MU!! I am so so so excited to see all of my friends!! I feel like it has been ages since I have seen them. It should be a very fun and interesting weekend!

Please tell me all of y'all have seen the Kristen bell video where she freaks out! It is my favorite at the moment! I can't stop laughing!

Well I think this is about it. I will try to blog more but keep on reading and remember BE HAPPY and SMILE!!