Friday, March 8, 2013

Dawson is 36

Happy 36 Birthday Dawson  James Van Der Beek

We miss you very much! This just reminded me how much I miss Dawson's Creek and Pacey not so much Dawson. ha. It was such a great show. 

We are all very glad you cut your hair and got less annoying. Because lets be honest the hair and his whiny behavior were horrible! Needless to say it still was and still is my all time favorite show. I could watch it over and over again... I pretty much have! Mostly because I love Joshua Jackson. But it IS James' Birthday so Happy Birthday James! I'm sad Dawson's Creek is over and I'm sad they canceled Don't Tell the B* in Apt 23. That show was pretty funny!

Here is a link to a where are they now about all our favorite characters on D. C. Dawson's Creek.
Enjoy and Happy Friday!!

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