Thursday, March 7, 2013

hidden palms

Well Netflix sucked me in again to another show. Hidden Palms.
 Which brings me to a problem... The CW ALWAYS cancels shows too quick! Well every network does this but I watch a lot of the CW so I only notice it with this one. This show is so good but there is only one season and I am not happy about it!

Hidden Palms has Zach and Oliver from the O.C. in it. I didn't really care for their characters in the O.C. given that they were trying to come between my two favorite couples but I love them in this show!

It's a very intriguing show, the first 5 minutes get you hooked! I'm on Episode 5 of 8 so I only have 4 episodes left till it's over. I hope they answer all the questions I have!

If you are looking for a short show to watch on Netflix I would recommend this one! Do y'all have any recommendations? I've started running on my lunch break and this is when I watch shows. So in a few days I'm going to need another one!

Happy Thursday!!!

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