Friday, June 10, 2011

don't judge a book by its cover.... oh wait PLEASE DO!

easier said then done but in a books case its okay. So I guess in book lingo its DO JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! especially in this case! As long as you randomly read books without cute covers. One of my favorite things to do is to go to barnes and noble and just pick random books that look good. I read the back of the book and if I love it I will read either the first page or a page in the middle. Of course I always go for the "pretty" covers first because they stand out but I try to pick up at least a few books that have not so pretty covers. I have to say some of my favorite books are book that aren't the brightest prettiest covers.

A few years ago I was doing just this and I found one of my most favorite books ever. Let me tell you I picked this book up just because the cover was pretty and I am so glad I did.

          Something borrowed!! In case any of you haven't read it or seen the movie that just came out I will give you a back story. Rachel is the typical "good girl" always letting her best friend Darcy take lead because that's how Darcy always like it. Well basically good girl Rachel steels Darcy's fiance , Dex, right from up under her. Dex and Rachel became friends in law school and Rachel introduced Darcy and Dex. Oh I forgot to mention Darcy is mean and self-centered basically a B! and you HATE her in the book. Then a bunch of random stuff happens. Well if you can guess it Rachel gets Dex and as a reader you are happy that's what you want to happen. This is why I loved this book so much because the girl you should HATE because she steels her best friends fiance you love and you are rooting for her because you can tell that her and Dex really love each other and that Rachel is finally happy! The movie actually stays pretty close to the book. Which is good. Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson play Rachel and Darcy which was a good choice but I didn't hate Darcy as much in the film as I did in the book. Probably because I love Kate Hudson. like LOVE LOVE!

       Then comes something blue with of course is all about Darcy. I didn't think I would even read it but I thought that if there is a chance Rachel and Dex might make an appearance then I'm going to read it. It happened to be really good! After reading it I still didn't love Darcy but I didn't hate her. Something blue is about Darcy going to England and changing and becoming good... blah blah blah. Oh yeah she got pregnant by one of Dex's best friend. Ironic huh. But by the end Darcy really does change and if I didn't HATE her so much in the first book I probably would of liked her a lot more in the 2nd book.Rachel and Dex do show up in something blue but not till the end. Both books had a really good ending that I loved and really ended the book without making it sad that its over!

     Even though the 2nd book was about Darcy I loved both of them. I hope I didn't give to much away. Even after knowing what all I told you, you should still read the books. You still don't know what happened with Rachel and Darcy's friendship. (I left somethings to the book. ha) They are that good! and even better the 2nd and 3rd time reading them! I love all of Emily Griffins books. I think she is a GREAT author who looks at things in a different perspective. Which is good it keeps you guessing and on your toes. Emily has 3 other books other then something borrowed and something blue they are baby proof, love the one you are with, and heart of the matter. All 5 are excellent books. If you haven't read them then i recommend it. As always keep on reading!

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  1. so glad you're blogging friend! loved the first post. I'm also a big fan of the Something Borrowed/Something Blue books and your love of Kate is just like my love of Ginnifer! Looking forward to more posts!