Thursday, June 9, 2011


hello, this is my first time blogging... kinda nervous. but here i go. I love books. I didn't really start reading till like 10th grade but i have been reading ever since then. I love each and any kind of book. If one of my friends tells me a book is good then I read it and most of the time if they say its bad then I read it too. One of the reasons I love books so much is they help you get away. There are times when bad things happen to you or you are just having a crap day and you need to get away and let your mind rest well to me that's what books do. I can be having the worst day and get my book and start reading and everything gets better. To me nothing is better then a good book. That you can get lost in and that you fall in love with the characters. That is where my blog name came from. Pages of sunshine because books are sunshine for me and I love the color yellow. So this is what my blog will be about. Books I love, books I hated, book I am reading and have read, and books I want to read. I hope you enjoy and I hope someone reads it. until next time... keep on reading.

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