Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chelsea Handler

I just finished reading Chelsea Handlers new book "Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me." It was good, don't get me wrong, but not as good as the other ones.

It wasn't Chelsea writing it was her friends, family, and co-workers writing about things that Chelsea did. The first 3 chapters were hilarious! like pee in your pants funny but after that it kind of went downhill. Which is hard to do. I mean it's about Chelsea Handler she is one of the funniest people ever. I love her if you can't tell. Each chapter is written by a different person the first one is written by Jonny aka "baby bird" which was my favorite!! I just loved him. Chelsea might be one of the meanest/funniest people EVER!! Her pranks/lies are just wrong but oh so funny!! Like telling Brad that they are having a photo shoot of the writers while hes on his honeymoon and he changes his ticket to come back 2 days early before learning that she is lying. ha.

My favorite one was "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" It was just about her life. I would catch myself laughing out loud while reading this book. It was about her childhood and her teenage years and her adult years. This book you read something and you have to reread it because you are like there is no way that happened! But it did! HA! I love it. I have nothing to say about this book but READ IT! Please. Its so funny!!

I have also read "My Horizontal Life" The title speaks for itself. HA! Its about all the people Chelsea has slept with. I loved this one. It's so funny and I learned A LOT! Its not very long I think I finished it in 2 days. MUST READ!!!

I haven't read Are you there, Vodka? It's me Chelsea. I know I know I am slacking. I want to but I have always had a read not to. Every time I go to get it there is another book I find that I want more. but I WILL READ IT by the end of summer... I hope.

Basically everyone needs to read ALL of Chelsea Handler's books if not just to laugh you actually learn a lot too. haha! I guess that's all. I hope you enjoyed this post sorry it took sooo long to write it. I will try better next time. Hope everyone has a great day!! Keep on reading!!

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