Thursday, June 30, 2011

never to old

When i started reading in like 9th grade I discovered an author that I LOVE! Her name is Sarah Desson. She is a teen author but whenever she comes out with a new book I still read it and love every second of it.

My latest read was "What happened to Goodbye"

It is kind of a teen novel but this fact makes me love it even more. It reminds me of why I started reading. It is one of those predictable books but it has a twist in the ending. It doesn't tell you if she ends up with the boy or if she stays friends with all her new friends but it leaves you in a good spot knowing she is happy. The book is about a girl who loves basketball and her parents love and own a restaurant. Well her parents get a divorce because her mom cheats on her dad with her favorite teams head basketball coach. Well her and her dad start traveling and everywhere she moves she changes her name/ appearance. Preppy, goth, cheerleader, she is completely different from her true self who is just normal... not an extreme anything. Until she gets to the last place and surprise surprise she accidentally starts introducing herself as HERSELF. and blah blah blah she meets a boy, gets real friends, has a mental breakdown, learns to like her mother again and FINDS HERSELF. A lot of other stuff happens but she learns to love herself, her friends, and her family.
 I really connected to this book because I think something happens to everyone at some point in their lives where they lose themselves. But if you have hope I believe you can always FIND YOUR SELF AGAIN.

I really did enjoy this books. It was a quick easy light hearted read. She has many other books that I love and I'm sure I'll talk about them one day but for now that's all.

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