Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best Picture

With the Oscar's getting closer and closer, I thought I would do a post on the Best Picture Nominee's and One the Road.
I probably wont go see all of these. I have seen one so far. ha and Half way through one of the books. So we shall see.

This is probably one I wont go and see. As much as I hate to say this but I have no real desire to see it. 

Argo!! This is the next movie I will see. Probably tomorrow night. So many people have been talking about this one it's hard not to want to watch it. I love Ben Affleck and CAN NOT WAIT to see this movie. I'm kind of embarrassed it has taken me this long.... Hey I've been a little busy.

Beasts of Southern Wild... If someone could tell me what this movie is about I might watch it. I'm not opposed to watching it just not sure what it is about. 

I was sad when some of our friends went to see this movie and I couldn't go. This is on my list. Probably number 3. But I will see it. Plus it has Kerry Washington in it and I just love her. 

This was another one I was suppose to go see with my friends andddd I missed out. I have always been interested in this movie and I will go see it. But I'm not really in the mood to cry so I'll probably wait a while to see this one.

Life of Pi... I am stuck reading you and I CAN'T GET THROUGH!!! arggg!! But I will see this movie soon. Probably in the next week. The book is good but just very detailed and you can't miss a beat or you are lost. 

Lincoln is another one that I can't believe I haven't seen. I will see this one by next Monday!

Hey Silver Linings Playbook. I will watch you this weekend. Probably Saturday or Sunday. This is the Number one movie I want to see. I am obsessed love Jennifer Lawrence. She is one of my favorite Actress right now. I think she deserves every bit of the fame and awards she is getting! I love that she is who she is and no one can tell her otherwise. and I love her acceptance speeches!!!!!

I watched this one yesterday. and it is AMAZING! I hope all the best picture nominee's are as good as this one. I truly loved this movie and Jessica Chastain. She is such a talented actress. I love her in Lawless and the Help. But this movie is intense ( in a good way) from start to finish. You are on the edge of your seat the whole time. I just loved it. I can't wait to make my step dad watch it. This is right up our alley. 

Who do you think will win best picture?? I'm not sure yet but I'm betting on Argo. 

Now for "On the Road"

Well well well where do I start? I have been wanting to see this movie since it's original release in August. It didn't come out anywhere near me so I have had to wait until Yesterday to watch it. Well it was interesting at that. It is a very odd and weird movie. I'm not really sure how to describe it. But the acting in it is AWESOME! Kristen Stewart isn't awkward or annoying ( surprise!!) and Garrett Hedlund, who I LOVE!, was also really really good! Sam Riley is a great actor. I wasn't disappointed by the movie just weirded out? maybe? I am now debating on if I want to read the book or not. We will see. 

Happy Tuesday!!

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