Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome to Miami

Well tricks we went to Miami this past weekend. The cousin's plus Jami drove 13 hours. It was a LONG drive but we made it. Our parents were a little skeptical about 5 girls driving by ourselves ( with our handy dandy just in case travel bag)  We had a few bumps in the road and a few Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from whataburger ( if you haven't had this then YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!) but we made it safely!

It was an awesome trip. We got in Miami about 11 Sunday morning and just piddled around. We went to Van Dyke Cafe and sat beside Dick Vitale, which was pretty cool, and we went to the beach and just looked around. That night we went to this place Josh likes and ate right on the water. It was so pretty. He also took us to his secret spot that had an amazing view. Then we went and had drinks at this neat outdoor mall type place with music. It was a fun but busy day!

Monday morning we woke up and GOT READY FOR GAME DAY!!!! My parents got there around 1 and we finished getting ready and went to DASH. We still aren't sure if Kim  was in there or not but they locked the store for over an hour and wouldn't let anyone in. So of course we waited until they finally let us go in. While we waited we ate at this little restaurant beside Dash that had the best Pizza and Best Margaritas. Like seriously the best.

 We walked down to 8th and Ocean, me and Cayla have always wanted to go there since that silly TV Show about the models. ha We finally got to go in DASH and we all bought a little something. I got a candle that smells amazing.

Then it was time to go to the game and tailgate. We got tickets to the Fan zone and saw  Luke Bryan in concert!! Jami, Rebecca, Phylecia, Kylee, and Braxton were all there too. I love him so much and fell even more in love with him after this trip. We danced our little hearts outs. haha

After this we went into the game. Cayla and I sat together and Kylie and Katie sat together. They sat right behind mom and Dr. B and had the best seats!! So during 4th quarter we walked down there and stood with them. Joshua got into the game for $40 i repeat FORTY DOLLARS!!! Lucky duck!! The game was fun and even though i was a little disappointed that I only got one piece of confetti I still had an amazing time!!

We got up Tuesday morning and drove to ORLANDO! Where we got to go to Harry Potter World!!! If you know me then you know this was the highlight of my trip. SERIOUSLY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter. It was like you walked straight into Hogwarts. We rode the ride where it was like you were flying on the broom and went into almost every shop. We also tried butterbeer ,which was different. ha. It was such a cool place. I wish we would of been able to stay longer but we had to get home to Tuscaloosa. We drove a few more hours then got another hotel room and got up Wednesday morning and drove the last 4 hours.... We also stopped and got another Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

This was a sign at the restaurant we ate at beside Dash. hahaha It just made me giggle.

I hope everyone had a great time watching the game weather you were there, at home, or at a bar. I loved Miami and loved getting to hangout with my best friend, Josh, who lives there. I hope everyone loved this weekend as much as I did. Work on the other hand I do not love right now... I still haven't caught up on my sleep.

Our dad's and basically the whole side of that family are Notre Dame fans so we are looking forward to our next family function... Which happens to be Monday. Wish us luck!

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