Thursday, January 10, 2013

busy bees

I feel like I have been going going going nonstop since Christmas. So here is a little update on my life the past month. 

Side note... work is for the birds... not getting a Christmas vacation isn't fun.... BRING BACK WINTER BREAK! 

We had our annual Christmas Party at Kayla's the Saturday before Christmas. It's so weird how much our Christmas parties have changed as we have gotten older. We just all bring food and drinks and just hangout.  We also had another Christmas party that night at Curtis' house. They were both so much fun and I love my friends oh so much!

One of my best friends Sandy came home for Christmas and brought her sweet baby Hayden. I love getting to have lazy nights in with them.

Christmas was a mess at the McMahon/Browne house this year. We had so many Christmases to go too. I am not a HUGE fan of Christmas food but I suffered through it. We had a wonderful Christmas and I am so blessed to have the family I have. We have Christmas Eve with my dad's family and Christmas Day is split up between time with dad, time with mom, and time with Dr B's fam jam. We all got so many wonderful things this year. On Christmas Day after we finish presents we ALWAYS watch as many movies as we can that we got for Christmas. This might be one of my favorite parts!! Christmas night we have homemade spaghetti that mom cooks and everyone comes over and eats. YUM!

Next was new years! We stayed in town this year . Kortney's birthday is on New Years Day so we all had a little get together at Curtis' house before we went out. It was fun we had food and drinks. Just a good time! I of course couldn't find ANYTHING to wear and had to borrow something of Jami's... this is very typical. The next day we went over to Clay's house to celebrate Kortney's birthday day again. We played mine and Jami's favorite game.... PHASE 10. If you haven't ever played it I highly recommend it.

A few nights later we cooked dinner for some of Jami's High School friends, Blake and Miller were home for Christmas. We cooked Chicken Enchilada Pasta. We have made it before and it was an even bigger hit this time. What started out as a few people coming over to eat turned into us all hanging out all night. It was a lot of fun but work the next day wasn't...

Lastly here is a little random picture from pinterest. It sums me up. and a link that if you are having a bad day will make it better!! haha

I still haven't seen ANY movies this Christmas... this is very unlike me. I love movies especially once that come out in December and Summer. ha but I will be going to see the Hobbit soon... I hope. 
My next blog will be about our trip to MIAMI and my resolutions!!!!! 

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and New Years! Remember to tell all the people around you how much they mean to you. Everyone needs to hear that sometimes...

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