Monday, January 28, 2013

SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were last night. Nina, Jennifer, Kerry and Jessica were my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!! I think they looked stunning.

 I liked Amanda Seyfried's dress but just not on her and I hated that necklace. 
Kerry Washington ALWAYS looks stunning!!

I'm not a Lea Michele fan at all but I'm glad she finally looks her age on the Red Carpet. 

Nina Dobrev is Perfect! I love her and this dress is perfect for her.

Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong! She always looks stunning! She is one of my favorites!

I hated Anna Hathaway's dress and whole look. It just looked awkward. I know she is usually a risk taker but I really didn't like this one.

I thought Jennifer Garner looked so good! She has looked good on every Red Carpet all season. Her and Ben are my favorite couple as of right now.

I love Sarah Hyland and I think she just always looks so cute and her age and so pretty. I also love that she is dating a guy she met on a Disney Channel movie. They are so cute!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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  1. I love, loved Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain-MAJOR IMPROVEMENT FROM GG, & Nina Dobrev. I actually liked Amanda Seyfred and Anne Hathaway-and I'm usually iffy on Anne too. I'm currently way obsessed with Jen&Ben too. Loved her gold dress. So excited for the Oscars!