Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Better late than never.

I know January is almost over but I still wanted to do a post about my New Year Resolutions.... Here they are....

1) To do a 30 Second dance party everyday.... It's the little things that make you happy. haha
2) Finish my Devotional- This was one of mine last year and I'm happy to report that I got almost through my one from last year... I'm about 100 pages short. Hey, It's better than noting.
3) To start the Read the Bible in a Year devotional. This has always been one of my  goals and I think it's time to do it.
4) To be genuinely nicer to everyone and truly learn to let things go. I have grown so much in this department in the last year but I still have so much more to learn!
5) To travel more. I have started doing this more too but I want to do it even more. When an adventure presents it's self I just want to GO and not think about it! Also I want to visit all my friends that live in different places at least once before the year is over.
6) To cook more. I kind of got lazy and stopped cooking or would cook easy things that I cook all the time and I want to start cooking at least one different thing I've never cooked before a week...

Well wish me luck that I can accomplish all of my resolutions!

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