Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grammy Favorites

I loved the Grammys this year! The Bob Marley tribute AND the group singing the weight were PERFECTION! They made the whole show. I now want to be a groupie/hippie more than ever! I was soo happy for Mumford! I love them oh so much and I'm starting to like Fun. more and more. I know people will kill me for this but I don't like Frank Ocean. I wish Eminem would of been there... In case you have been hiding under a rock JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS BACKKKKK!!!!!

I HATED the new rule at the Grammys. I mean that's one of the best part of the Grammys is the scandalous things people will will wear.
I loved Rihanna's dress. She looked better than she has looked in a long time. I liked that her dress was sheer some places and I just loved her hair!!! I loved Taylor Swifts dress. It was fun. I liked that Adele didn't wear black 
Yes folks Justin is back and going on tour! I sure do hope I can see him in concert this year!!!
Mumford won!!!! I love them!
I am torn at which couples I loved the most so it's a 3 way tie.... Jay Z and B, Justin and Jessica, and KATY AND JOHN!!!! I loved them all and thought they all looked wonderful together!!!

I can't find the Levon Helm tribute so the Bob Marley one will have to do. but EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH the Levon Helm tribute!!! Elton John, Mumford and sons, Zach Brown, Alabama Shakes were singing the weigh. AMAZING!!!

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Ummmmm I want to join when you get tickets to Justin! I loved Rihanna and I too loved that Adele didn't wear black. Super excited about Mumfords win!