Friday, February 1, 2013

little kid at heart

I am still a little kid at heart! This month I did two things a 25 year old probably shouldn't of done but I loved EVERY SECOND OF BOTH!!! I went to the circus and the Justin Bieber concert!! Both were amazing!!

The circus was soo cool! The elephants and the poodles were my favorite!!! I didn't really care for the tigers because I felt bad that they were getting hit and had to stay in small cages. The tightrope walkers were AMAZING!! Me and Jami decided we could try out for the dancers ( they weren't that good) and start traveling around with the circus! haha I hope you enjoy mt pictures!!

The beginning

The elephants walking through!!!!


More of the Elephants!!

Me, Kendyl, and Jami at the JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT!!!! IT was so good! He really is a great performer!! Kylee (who was closer then us and that's how I got some of these pictures) said he lip sync but I don't even care! He is that good of a dancer!! It is amazing!!

Just dancing!

His sign!

It finally snowed in Tuscaloosa! It was soooo pretty! I loved every second of it. Even though I only played in it for 2.5 seconds! ha

Riley isn't a fan of the snow.

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