Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day

With President's Day being yesterday I decided to do a post on my FAVORITE PRESIDENT!! JFK obviously. and my second favorite George W. Bush- it's not a close second. and MY FAVORITE TV PRESIDENT!! Tony Goldwyn as Fitz!

The Kennedy's are perfection! seriously! I love them. I am also a huge fan of conspiracy's and this one tops my list!! When we went to Dallas the best part was getting to see where JFK was shot. Seriously one of the best things ever!! 

and he is so cute!!!

I love the Bush's. They are cool.

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant is my favorite President on TV. I love Scandal and him. Well I'm not really a fan of him right this second because of what happened on scandal last week.

Hope everyone had a wonderful President's day!! 

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